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On-line, all the time
Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, CEF Direct is available 24/7, 365 days a year. So your account information is always there when you need it.
Easy to use plain and simple instructions guide you from your summary information to account details and transaction histories.

Safe and secure
We’ve taken every precaution to protect your privacy and your funds. For example, information you supply during enrollment will be used to verify your identity. Then, whenever you sign on, you’ll use the secret password you’ve chosen to gain access to your account information.

Check into CEF Direct as often as you like. You’ll always find the latest earnings, deposits, transfers, payments or withdrawals. That’s because CEF Direct is updated automatically and continuously.

At your fingertips
Even a trip around the world can’t separate you from your CEF accounts. If you’ve got internet access, CEF Direct is THE site to see. For investors staying on top of your investments is a wise thing to do and CEF Direct is the way to do it. This simple tool lets you watch all your accounts grow: college savings, growth notes, retirement accounts and more!

For congregations and RSO’s
It’s never been easier to stay on top of mortgages or loans. With CEF Direct, you’ll be prepared to go into any committee meeting – at any time – with complete and current information on interest rates, account balances, payment histories, principal and interest payments, even a complete account history.

For kids
Teaching children about saving and stewardship is easy with CEF's "Kids Too" and CEF Direct.

If you already have an account with Church Extension Fund, it takes less than five minutes to enroll in CEF Direct.
Don’t delay: Enroll today!